Golf Tags

Why Golf Tags?
Golf Tags make shot tracking a breeze. This is the easiest and most reliable way to track your game in full detail, without getting distracted.

How does it work?
Each tag has a small unique radio token in it. When you tap the tag to the phone, Golf Pad app reads the token and records the GPS position of the shot and the club used. That’s all it needs to compute shot distances and generate amazing game statistics, in real time.

Is my phone compatible?
Golf Tags use technology called Near Field Communication (NFC). Most Android phones have it nowadays. You can check the full list of NFC-enabled phones here. Your phone also needs to run Android 4.0 or higher. If you aren’t sure whether your phone is compatible, please send a quick email to [email protected] and we will confirm it for you.

Will Golf Tags work with my iPhone?
No, unfortunately Golf Tags are not compatible with iPhone. Apple has introduced NFC in iPhone 6, however it’s currently limited to Apple Pay. Third party apps like Golf Pad can’t use NFC at this time.

I have a case on my phone. Can I still scan Golf Tags?
This depends on case material. Most plastic or leather cases work fine, however metal cases can block or interfere with NFC radio. The good news is we provide money-back guarantee. If Golf Tags don’t work with your case, you can return them for full refund.

Do I need to constantly fiddle with my phone while using Golf Tags?
No! You can be as hands-on or hands-off as you want to be. Some golfers just leave the phone in their pocket through the entire round. Others are eager to know the distance of their drive the moment they get to the ball. Which kind are you?

Will I need to change batteries inside the tags?
No, there are no batteries to be changed or recharged.


How long does the set up take?
About 5 minutes. You will need to put a tag on each club in your bag. Then tap each tag once to register it with Golf Pad. That’s it, you are ready to play.

Why does the screen stay on when Golf Tags are enabled?
Most Android phones power down NFC radio automatically when the screen is turned off. Golf Pad uses a patent-pending Smart Lock mode to keep both screen and NFC active, while blocking on-screen controls to avoid accidental inputs. You can also see the distance to the target and change current hole right in Smart Lock mode, without unlocking the phone.

What about battery life?
Golf Pad automatically turns down screen brightness while in Smart Lock mode. As a result, it only takes 10-20% more battery compared to playing a round without Golf Tags. Most people can complete a full 18-hole round with battery to spare.


How do I know if the tag was read OK during a round?
Your phone will vibrate and make a sound. You can turn volume down so that sound does not distract other golfers.

Will I get accidental reads?
No, you need to actually briefly touch the phone with the tag. This virtually eliminates accidental reads.

What if I forgot to track a shot?
No problem – you can add, remove or edit score on your phone, right during the round.

Can I move a tag to a different club?
Absolutely. Just open Golf Pad settings and select Golf Tags to reassign the club.

Do I need to use the phone to change current hole?
Golf Pad advances the hole automatically when it detects a tag scan on the next hole.

What about putts?
Just tap putter to the phone before each putt – Golf Pad will record putt count and positions.


Golf Tags are currently shipped to the US only.

Is transaction secure?
Yes, we use state-of-the-art security to protect the transaction. And we do not store your credit card on our servers, so it can’t be stolen.

How soon will my purchase ship?
Shipping time varies and depends on the stock availability. We will send you a notification when the order is on the way.

What is the return policy?
We think you will be delighted with Golf Tags. Every golfer who tried them was. If defective, we will replace a tag at no cost within 60 days after purchase.

Where do I buy them?

Order Online – Your Caddyshack!


I can’t scan a tag.
Verify NFC is enabled in Android settings: go to Settings > Wireless & Networks > More, tap on the NFC switch to activate it. Then go back to Golf Pad and try scanning a tag again.

Tags don’t work on my Samsung phone when I use a 3rd party battery
Samsung places NFC antenna inside the OEM battery, so you need the original or equivalent battery to use Golf Tags and other NFC devices.

Tags don’t work when the phone is in my pocket.
Please open Golf Pad and press the phone’s power button. You should see Smart Lock – it will remain active while the phone is in your pocket. If Smart Lock is not on, please open Golf Pad settings, select Golf Tags and follow the on-screen troubleshooting instructions.

Golf Tags work great, but I’ve got some random screenshots captured on my Samsung phone while playing a round
Please disable Toolbox from Android settings while you play a round.

Still have questions?
Email [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help.